A guiding principle I feel deeply connected to is “A rising tide lifts all boats”. I believe in collective efforts benefitting everyone. And it’s a funny concept too, because at its heart, it’s about collaboration, even amongst competitors or at least, seemingly competitors.

It’s no surprise that I am trying to run a business and I am trying to elevate my coaching services and get women to join my WAVES team. At the same time, I am cheering for other coaches and other women’s groups to succeed. Because what I’m really impassioned about is empowering women through endurance sports and if that’s at my core then I have to accept that some women will be empowered from working with me and others will be equally empowered by working with someone else.

This past weekend, I felt the tide rise.

For the third year in a row, WAVES was present at the Perfect 10 Miler.

For the second year in a row, I provided pacers ranging from 8- 12 min mile paces.

And for the first time, I have my team tent to gather under.

What’s awesome about this year is that one of the pacers was from S.W.I.F.T and another pacer was from City Fit Girls – two amazing women’s running groups represented along with WAVES leading fellow women runners to their goal time at the race. And all the pacers were awesome and the feedback from runners was positively inspiring.

And in the end, I felt great. I felt great for being part of such an empowering race. I felt great for witnessing first-hand how the 9 min/mile pacer (and my sister Nora) got everyone around her to meet or exceed their goal. I felt great that the SWIFT runners joined the WAVES runners under our tent.

I felt the tide rise and with that tide, rose the thousands of women at the race who undoubtedly would turn around and lift others that day.

You see, the way it works is, we all benefit from strong, healthy, empowered women.


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