Coaching Kiera

Last year, Kiera Smalls, co-founder of  City Fit Girls asked me if would consider coaching her.  I considered it for .5 seconds before responding YES!  I was so excited to help an athlete who is making it her mission to help so many other women.  I asked her a few questions about her goals, what her thoughts are ar0und being a coached athlete.


MG: What are you currently training for?  What is your goal for the race?
KS: The New Jersey full marathon on May 1st. My goal is to just to finish (a finish of 4:30 would be nice).

MG:  What was your reason(s) for wanting to work with a coach?
KS:  I needed someone to keep me on task and keep me motivated. I am not sure if I would succeed on my first go around without the accountability from a coach.

MG: What drew you to work with me?
KS: You are a very nice person who cares deeply about women athletes becoming successful. I can tell through your community work and online engagement that you are someone I need in my corner in order to finish strong.

MG: What has your biggest challenge in training been so far?
KS: It has been great learning how to do speedwork. I love that it switches up every week and I find myself ready for the challenge.

MG: How has coaching helped you thus far?
KS: It keeps my training (workouts, food, schedule) at the forefront of what I do every day, week and month. It empowers me and allows me to empower others.

MG: What would you say to someone considering hiring a coach?
KS: Definitely do it! Sometimes we get wrapped up in so much that we tend to forget about things that matter most. Having a coach will help keep you accountable, responsible and working towards the ultimate goal.


You can also support Kiera in her marathon fundraising goal of $2600 for Gearing UP .