I coach many people by creating a training plan custom designed to meet their goals and based in the reality of their life circumstances. By matching appropriate workouts to the time each person has in their week, I am able to help athletes achieve success.

This is only half the equation, though. The other half is the hard work that the athlete has to do. The day in and day out commitment to training is the athlete’s responsibility alone. Sure, I can encourage, check in and hold accountable but the suiting up to swim, lacing of sneakers and clipping of helmet are conscious efforts by the athlete to achieve their goal.

In her intake form, Maureen planned for a half marathon this season and indicated “I can run a 1/2 marathon but I’m SLOW…averaged about 15 minute miles.”

She also indicated that she wanted to get faster.

After months of committed training, Maureen gave a progress update.

March 12

Good-bye 15 minute miles! I’ve lost 20 pounds, with the help of Marcy Gialdo kicked up my training, and found the cadence monitor on my 920XT. 15 you are left for warm ups and cool downs where you belong!!

Next up was the Love Run Half Marathon, which originally she estimated a 15 min/mile pace and then training started showing 13 min/mile pace.

Much to my delight, Maureen’s race update included a pace of 12:49!!

April 10
A few weeks ago I said good-bye to my 15 minute miles. I think today I can officially say good ridden to the 14s as well! Thank you Marcy for the great training plan! I follow it like a Bible! Hope all you Love Runners are happy with your races today!


I thank Maureen for letting me share her story and quite honestly, just to be a part of her journey.  I can’t wait to hear her race report after the Atlantic City Ironman 70.3 this September!