This is an electric time of year in the world of endurance sports. We have fall Marathons and half marathons coming up. We have 5Ks galore to choose from every single weekend. And on top of that, all the Spring half and full marathons and Spring/Summer Triathlons are opening their registration now for next year. Within a short period of time, you could have your entire year of racing planned out for 2016.

I’m assuming that with all the best intentions and credit card receipts from race fees, that you also have a goal or set of goals for the upcoming year.   And I’m wondering – who have you told those goals to? Who have you enrolled in your plan for success? Maybe you are looking for a better time than last year’s race or maybe you are going to compete for the very first time! Regardless of your goals, I want to encourage you to consult with me as a coach about these goals. Even if you have never worked with me before and here’s why -there are three things that I can see happening if you share your goals with me.

  1. I keep them safe and I become the person besides you who knows the mission you are on.
  2. We work together as coach and athlete to achieve those goals
  3. I become an accountability partner for you and help keep you on track on your journey ahead.

I always offer athletes a free phone consultation because at the very least, in the end, you’ll have one more cheer leader in your corner and you might even end up with a coach as well.


Marcy was not only patient and highly knowledgeable, she knew exactly when and how to push me while building my confidence.

Marcy is a great combination of cheerleader, enforcer and expert which makes for a fantastic coach!

-Karen C


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