On this International Women”s Day, I am feeling extremely excited about the formation of my new women”s triathlon team.  I was always encouraged to pursue my athletic interests — competitive swimming as a child through Ironman level triathlons as a 38 year old woman.  I realize, though, not all women have had that same level of encouragement and find themselves in their 20s, 30s, 40s or 50s wanting to realize their athletic potential.I love this.  I love that triathlon requires you to write your age on the back of your leg.  I love that there are women 15 years my senior kicking my butt on the race course. And I really love seeing women of all ages trying their hardest and encouraging each other on the race course.It is my sincerest hope that this team gives women who might not have the courage to tackle a race on their own a way to get into the sport.  I hope that the women who are participating in triathlons that realize that they can actually push harder find the support to do it with this team.  I hope to create a culture around triathlon and endurance events that draws women to it as a way to set goals, push their limits, and feel great satisfaction in their physical abilities.I want my daughter to see all these strong, dedicated women and know she too should follow her athletic pursuits wherever they lead her.Today it is really sinking in – all the things I want this to be —  and I am giddy with joy!