Happy Mother’s Day!

This is my 15th year racing and my 11th year racing as a Mom.  I tend to take a lot of pride in being a mom who races and I realize that in my pride, I might not always show the ‘whole truth”.

The honest truth, though, is that during those 11 years,  I have gone from feeling on top of the world to feeling like the worst parent in the world.  I recently found this video and my heart swelled as my young daughter was getting ready to cheer for me.  And then the last 5 seconds I heard it: I miss Mommy.  And many heart sank and I wondered about the sacrifices I have made. I’ve missed children’s  events.  I’ve had my children miss their own events.


The flip side is that I’ve also witnessed their pride in cheering for their mother and I’ve cheerfully supported them in their races.

This year I want to take a moment to acknowledge all of the mothers in the world of endurance sports.

I see you.

I see you training.

I see you juggling.

I see you setting goals and setting an example.

I also see you struggling.

I see you judging yourself.

I see you putting others before yourself.

So I say to all of you out there –  all of you moms – whether you are training for your first race, looking for a podium finish, extending yourself to a new challenge, take a day, or even just a few minutes this mother’s day. Take a minute and a breath.  Appreciate what your body is capable of doing.  Appreciate your dedication to the sport.  Know that your children are watching and learning from your example.

Be proud of your hard work.   I admire you.  And I’ll see you on the race course!