I’m not just saying that because I am a coach.  I too have coaches and I benefit immensely from working with a coach.  I know that there can also be barriers to working with a coach which is why I am introducing a new way to work with me that might allow more athletes the chance to experience the benefits that coaching provides.

I am going to accept a limited number of athletes currently training towards a goal for low cost 1:1 virtual coaching sessions where we can break down your training, work through barriers and focus on training and racing success.  Options are for weekly or bi-weekly 30 minute calls to ask anything or present any current issues or concerns, plan for races, talk strategy or anything at all related to your training.

There is so much more to training and racing that a training plan on its own can’t give you.  If you are dedicated enough to train towards achieving your racing goal, this 1:1 coaching is the individualized piece of the puzzle that will ensure that your dedication and efforts result in your best race possible.

If you are ready to bring your training to the next level, fill out the form below for more details and we can work together towards achieving your goal together.



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