Biking Lake Placid

Welcome to February!!  And while Valentine’s day doesn’t rank particularly high for me, I love the idea of focusing on LOVE this month.  I kicked February off in style this past weekend by getting outside on my bike!  For those of you in the Northeast, particularly the Philadelphia area, you know what a big deal this is.  We have not only had a lot of snow, but sub freezing temperatures and below zero wind chills which have made cycling outside darn-near impossible!

February: I <3 Cycling!

February: I <3 Cycling!

One good thing about living here and having all seasons is that it reminds me how much I love to ride outside. I am instantly transported back to my youth – I feel joy, independence and a sense of invincibility.

What I also love is coaching in that I can help others attain this sense of euphoria in their own training.  It’s more than just completing a workout, sometimes it’s about pushing past limits, or being outside, or being joined by friends while training.  And sometimes, it’s about getting outside of your own head and just enjoying the sound of your breath and the feel of your heart beat.

So in honor of loving cycling, I want to invite women to a special cycling event this month!  Join the amazing guys at Philadelphia Bikesmith and I on February 16 for brunch and bikes!  Space is limited so find out more details and sign up to join us!