Ironman Finish

Set Goals for the upcoming season

What do you want to accomplish? What will it take to get there? What work are you willing to do?  You need to align your goals with what you are willing to do to get there.  Be honest in your assessment and don’t be afraid to be BOLD with your goals!


Get Strong

Many people leave strength training for the off-season. You can actually strength train all year long but if you haven’t been, it’s a good time to get a routine. Join me in a group training or schedule an individual strength training session.


Focus on your swim

Moving your workouts indoors increases the chances of getting it done throughout the winter. Focusing on your swim training can give you a big leg up in your overall training.

Swim train with me as an individual or with a group.

Get warm gear and keep going!

Just a few key pieces, like gloves, a hat, long pants and a jacket can keep you outside even when it gets cold (and snowy)!  Local stores like Indigo Schuy here in Philadelphia have a great assortment of climate appropriate clothing. Remember, keep your head covered and your core warm!


Find people to train with!

Just knowing there will be other people out there
training with you is sometimes just the motivation
you need to venture out on colder days.

Check out these groups to see if any of them are right for you!


City Fit Girls

West Chester Women’s Multisport