If nothing else, Nike nails marketing.  I saw this quote at a Nike store in Barcelona, Spain and it spoke directly to my heart.  I love being called an athlete.  I can’t explain it and don’t know where that feeling comes from but I absolutely love considering myself an athlete.

I also love the fact that we are all athletes.  It’s not something special I or someone else possesses that no one else can have.  We are ALL athletes.

Some of us grew up knowing that this was true.  We played sports, or were active and we knew that we were athletes.  Others come to that realization later in life after potentially years of being told or telling themselves they were not athletes.

There is pure joy for me in awakening or nurturing that athlete in people.  There’s a genuine pride in seeing yourself this way and knowing the truth about your own amazing body and the potential it holds.

We ALL have the ability to tap into that potential;  to use this amazing machine we have to do things.

And we can do great things — if we dare.