‘Reading this article, http://tinyurl.com/8ndjlxh, I couldn’t help but think about all the people I know in the world of endurance sports.  I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with first time racers and Kona Ironman Championship qualifying athletes alike.  I have running and biking groups that include people of different genders, ages, ethnicities, socioeconomic backgrounds, religions and athletic abilities but there is one unifying factor.  They are all amazing, honest and HUMBLE people.

The first time racer full of pride and the championship qualifying athlete and everyone in between have every reason to shout from the rooftops about their accomplishments.  They have every right to boast, recap and retell their amazing stories and yet they don’t.  This is not to say that if you ask, some might give you every blow by blow detail, because they might.  But the key is that you asked for it.  You need to illicit the response because they are not bragging about it before you have the chance to inquire.

Why is that important; why does that matter to me?

It’s simple.

The people I know in endurance sport do not think of themselves as extraordinary or better than one another.  We are all athletes. We are all battling our everyday lives and all the complexities that lie within to ask more from ourselves and our bodies.  This doesn’t make us different from one another; it unites us, no matter what different details we each have in our lives.It’s the same reason I tear up at the efforts of people I don’t even know.  I don’t know your story but I see you running/walking on Kelly Drive in Philadelphia and you are trying. I don’t know what it took for any woman in the SheRox triathlon series to cross the finish line, but you made it. I think our sports are about celebrating the effort and rejoicing in our own accomplishments but in an honest, humble way because in the end, my 1st place effort is no more special than the person who just kept a promise to themselves to try for the first time.

I love the world of endurance sports and the people who make it worth every minute of training and racing just to be included in their company.