In the world of Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and a host of other sites that allow us to view glimpses into other people’s lives without always knowing the full story behind each picture, I felt like posting a little reality.  I know I do the social media circuit of workout photos.  I’m proud of what I do and my team, and the people I work with.

I also realize that the photos I post paint a very one sided story.  I usually look happy when I swim, bike and run (because I usually am genuinely happy).  And I am happy when I workout with WAVES.  The photos capture a real thing.  But what they don’t capture is that working out is 1/10 of my life.  I have a family.  I have a career.  At any given time I have 100 things going through my head.  So life doesn’t just stop when I want need to work out.  So I thought I’d give a little glimpse into two recent workouts I had posted.

First – Track workout with WAVES – Kids in tow.  Going to the track with me is less of an option for my 2 kiddos than anyone else at the workout.  Usually they are good sports but sometimes it’s just not their first choice of things to do on a Tuesday evening.  And as much as I try to stay focused on the workout, I do simultaneously play the role of coach, athlete and Mom.




Second, after a week of missed/skipped workouts and disappointment over a race, I need a good tempo run.  I needed a good-head clearing, sanity-restoring run.  I also needed to work it into being a Mom.

With some conjuring, I got a good run in the Wissahickon as I tried to keep up with my kids on bikes, but my run also included a stop to see the ducks and a quick snack at our half way point.  Which, in the end was probably just what I needed since I pushed way too hard trying to keep my kids in sight on the trail.

FullSizeRender (1)IMG_5185 IMG_5166

I started feeling like sometimes photos make things seem ‘too easy’.  Nothing’s easy.  And nothing worthwhile is ever easy.  I think we sometimes believe it’s easier for others and make excuses for ourselves.  I know I do.

I can think of many reasons why I should get a ‘pass’ because things are hard.  But I can also think of those who have it a lot harder than me that persevere.  I believe it ultimately comes down to perspective.

So the perspective I want to share is my ‘real’ life through my eyes.  Not just the ups, the smiles and the accomplishments but the trials, the failures and the struggles.  I don’t want it to look easy. It’s not. And that’s OK.