Believe it or not, by next weekend’s group ride, it will officially be Spring.  Of course, we are forecasted to get snow on Monday so the official start of Spring doesn’t really mean anything for our temperatures or riding conditions but it at least means we are moving in the right direction.

Today I had the pleasure of riding with Karen on her very first ride on a road bike!  The awesome guys at Philadelphia Bikesmith helped me get my Specialized bike up to par and Karen is the newest recipient of this loaner bike. Nora was the first to get this bike to do her first triathlon, so it’s only fitting that Karen is using it to prepare for her first too.

Conditions were not that bad when riding with the wind.  Riding against the wind, well that was a bit tougher but we made it for about 10 miles of successful riding!  We practiced shifting, and gears in general – when/why/how we change gears.  My favorite part had to be at the end when I snapped some photos and the grin on Karen’s face was as wide as mine when I ride – further confirming for me that cycling = joy!!

We ride again next Saturday AM.