This is a story of a few different women who at the very least, have triathlon in common. They are all everyday women, like you and I. Some have careers, some have children, some have commitments to family and friends. They all have goals and triumphs. And of course, they have struggles. Sometimes it’s physical struggles. Sometimes they struggle with a self confidence. Sometimes it’s both. They are strong women. They are passionate about their life.

They are, like I said, triathletes.

So what happens when one of these women doubts herself and calls her coach wondering if she should follow through on her race? What happens when another woman gets so frustrated with her progress and then has a great breakthrough? And what happens when another woman starts a race and doesn’t know if she can continue?

The power of being part of WAVES comes through.

Karen calls me on Friday questioning her readiness for racing on Sunday. With not-so-subtle prompting, I tell her to race, even if only to get the rust off before her next race. Race morning comes and Karen and Lourdes start together, both have a good swim and Lourdes exits the water first. Karen has a good bike, passes Lourdes and gains a lot of time while Lourdes battles a mechanical issue. Karen heads out on the run first.

As Lourdes gets closes in, Karen calls to Lourdes to hurry up and catch her. From that moment on, these two women worked together to cross the finish line not so much smiling as BEAMING.



And that would be a wonderful testimonial in itself on how being on WAVES changes a very individual sport into a team sport. But there’s more.


As I congratulated my athletes the following day, I got this message from another WAVE, Johanna.


I knew that I had not trained well for this tri. I hadn’t done one for a year. When I was 1/2 way through the 3rd lane of the swim, I was running out of steam and decided to quit. I was looking for my husband in the stands to tell him “I’m done”, but I couldn’t see him. Then I saw Karen doing the breast stroke and it hit me! “Go to your backup stroke!” After that I alternated between free-style and breast stroke until I got out of the pool. The rest was a piece cake…..maybe not a triple layer chocolate cake, but seeing Karen made something click inside me that made me have faith in myself that I could do it.

  If it wasn’t for Karen, I would not have finished!

And there’s no single testimonial that could better articulate exactly what I want WAVES to be. Harnessing the power we all have within us to positively affect others – no matter whether you know you are doing it or not. Sometimes it’s not about being the fastest, or the winner or even top in your age group. Simply by being part of WAVES and sharing your self with others, your life and the lives of others are forever changed for the better.