Interested in doing a run challenge? Never run every day for an entire month? While the thought can be both exciting and overwhelming, these are three things you should remember.

1 — Not every day needs to be a lot of miles. Many of the challenges will set a minimum (like 1 mile) to count for running for that day. On the days we are only running 1 mile – maybe use it as a warm-up for something else like strength training or swimming. Even though you’ll be running every single day, your body can benefit from doing alternative activities to running.

2 — Keep the intensity light. Even for experienced runners, 4 to 5 of your seven days running each week should be low intensity. Mix it up with some speed work but remember that even elite athletes follow and 80:20 ratio of easy runs to hard runs.

3 — Be sure to recover properly. This could include stretching or foam rolling. Your muscles will need time to recover each day so that you’re able to run the following day. And don’t forget sleep! Rest is the best way to repair your muscles so don’t skip on your sleep to get your run in.

Remember – it’s a challenge!  Be mindful of you your body reacts to the challenge and adjust accordingly.  Enjoy the spirit of everyone participating and have FUN!