happy-to-be-doneYesterday, in the 20th annual Philadelphia Marathon, I truly did run my joy.  If you missed my previous post, I want to be clear about what that means.  It doesn’t mean I loved every minute of the race.  It doesn’t mean I didn’t hurt a lot during the race.  It also doesn’t mean I hit every goal I had for the race.

What it does mean is that I spent time during the race to remind myself to be present to both the good and bad in the moment and remind myself to run and choose joy.  I had my negative thoughts and my feet/legs/shoulders/lungs all were aching during parts of the race but I kept turning those thoughts off in lieu of the phrase, Run you Joy.

I’m writing a full race report (should be a scintillating read 😉 ) but want to point out some of the main reasons I get to run like this.

1) Starting off race morning with these amazing women – my friend/confident/training partner, Jeanne and my inspiring 10x marathon finishing sister, Nora


2) My sister Amy, who travels every year to support one of us doing the Philly Marathon, toting signs, ringing bells, cheering loudly.  This year, with very special signs – this one is  Philly Fierce


3) My parents, who also travel (usually multiple times per year) to watch, encourage and cheer on their daughters.  Here with Amy’s other sign, sporting my logo!


And last, but no least (with no photo), my husband and children who come to nearly every race, walk a lot, cheer a lot and give me the boost I need every time I see them.  Nora would count off to me the important milestones in the race something like this – 2 miles to family.  Never doubt how much seeing your supporters on race day can inspire you to keep going.

I am looking forward to recapping the entire race but now just feeling an overwhelming sense of gratitude for the support I get from those at the race and those cheering from afar.  It makes every ache and pain today worth while!