I hate the way that sounds.  I should be striving for excellence or something more motivating than consistency.  It also implies I am inconsistent, which I can be, but I hate to admit.

But the truth of the matter is that I do strive for consistency.  All the time.  I strive to be consistent with my workouts, consistent with my eating. Consistent with my mood and energy with my family and friends. Consistent with my clients.  I don’t want to waver, but sometimes I do.  And it happens most with my own training.

So this week, starting today, I am striving for consistency in my training.  This requires scheduling and planning, and sometimes juggling.  It requires that I look at my entire family’s schedule and enroll my husband so he knows my plans and can make his own plans.  It requires that I am honest about how much time it takes to train (another truth I sometimes try to minimize).  I often think I can squeeze time in here and there, and I can safely say those are the weeks that the wheels come off.  And when things are not planned realistically and things fall apart, I feel terrible.

So this week, I will just plan for what I actually need/am scheduled to do and allow success to be possible.  I will not shy away from the planning and scheduling because it feels too overwhelming.  I will take it on as a challenge – one week at a time.
Consistency, here I come.