With so many aspects to triathlon training, sometimes it’s hard to know what to do.  Of course there’s swim, bike, run.  But then you’ll probably hear people talk about strength training.  And speed work.  And stretching. The longer you are in the sport, you’ll hear more about nutrition, power and foam rolling.  And then of course there’s that pesky rest and recovery that you have to plan for too.  No wonder so many athletes feel overwhelmed and why so many athletes lack some of these things in their training.

Over the next 10 weeks I am going to try to break it down for you.  I’ll dive into each topic.  I’ll highlight the importance of each item in your training, current research and best practices and finally, give you something to try to incorporate into your own training.

So as we head into the off season, a time where we might put more energy into recovery, strength training and planning, I hope to provide you with a solid base of information to help you during the upcoming year(s).

Get ready… tomorrow we start with swim training!