WaVes_LogoOver the past 18 months of leading WAVES, I have been fortunate to have amazing women join and train with me.  I’ve been watching, learning, listening to the needs of these athletes and the result of that learning is a change to how the team operates.  Now is your chance to connect, train and race with WAVES like never before.  Come train with us now for just $100 for 6 months!

I will be offering running and cycling workouts every week for those interested in training partners, race preparation and/or coaching expertise.  It is my sincere hope that the new structure will encourage more women to train with us and expand upon our amazing base of strong, women athletes of all levels.

Ready to sign up?  Get started now for access to all upcoming workouts! All the details of what is included can be found on the WAVES page.  Interested in joining but want to check it out first?  Email me and I will let you know details of upcoming workouts for you to try for free!