Fountain of Youth

I’ve said it before but it bears repeating.  Triathlon training makes me feel like a kid.  Ok, sometimes it also makes me feel like an old lady with achy hips but mostly, it just makes me happy.

Once a year, I compete in a swim meet as part of a parent’s relay.  It’s 25M freestyle so  even if I wasn’t training for triathlons, I’d still make through.  At this year’s race, I realized how instantly I am transformed back to my 10 year old self.  Growing up swimming, I must have done a million drills; A million starts;  A million turns. And by doing things with such repetition, 30 years later, they are just engrained.  There is no thinking.  There is no conscious effort – my body just goes. (Thank you to coaches, Laccetti, Mott, Kleedorfer, and Schmalzriedt).Swim meets

There’s a little girl that shows up when I swim and when I bike.  There’s a carefree, childlike happiness that comes over me — even when it’s hard. It makes me feel young.  It reminds me that there is joy in exercise.  It reminds me to be thankful for the 30+ years I have had as an athlete.  And it’s a reminder too on the days where I’d rather not train that deep down, I love it and always have.

But what about running, you ask?  Running is different.  Running is something I ‘conquered’ as an adult.  It doesn’t bring me back to happy childhood days, it makes me proud of the woman athlete I’ve become.