Looking back, there are so many choices and forks in the road that determine your future.  Some are your choices to make, some are the choices and paths chosen by your ancestors. There are countless decisions that were made by parents, grandparents and great grand parents that make me who I am and have affected the outcome of my life and in turn, the lives I come in contact with.

NannyOne such decision happened when my maternal Grandmother, Eileen Barrett decided to join the war efforts during WWII.  WAVES, Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service, was created as a way to allow women to not only serve in the Navy, as they had previously been allowed, but also to achieve Officer status.  Too young to actually enlist, her father helped her alter her sister’s birth certificate so she could join.   It’s in the Navy that she met my grandfather, and the beginning of the Robinson family (as I know it) was soon to follow.


I would like to think that part of my determination (bordering on stubbornness) comes from this woman as well as the desire to pursue things that matter to me and redefine what women can or should do.

After my Nanny passed away, I felt her watching over me.  When I raced Ironman Lake Placid on her birthday, I KNOW she was behind Mike Reilly quoting the Irish Blessing.  I can feel her guidance when the overwhelming process of starting a business, raising a family and training for my own events seems too much.  Maybe she even helped the song “Waves” by Blondfire come on the radio as I was searching for a name for my women’s team.

So thanks, Nan, for being you.  For serving our Country.  For raising my Mom, Uncles and Aunt.  For making your own rules.  For loving Pop so fiercely.

For loving us all so fiercely.