Photo by Matt Gialdo Photography

New is exciting and  scary but what I love about new is that it humbles.  I don’t know what’s coming next or exactly how things will play out.  There’s mystery and adventure to go along with fear and wonder.

As a coach, I am the the Guru of new.  It’s why most people seek me out.  They are new to something.

I coach people who would never in a million years call themselves an athlete cross a finish line in a race as well as cross a different kind of line in their way of seeing themselves.

I coach athletes who have mastered a sprint distance triathlon challenge themselves to going longer in an Olympic distance race.

I coach athletes who muster the courage to don a bathing suit, cap and goggles knowing swimming is a weakness for them.

I coach athletes who have told themselves that they would cross a race off their bucket list even though they had no idea how to get from here to there.

I coach the athletes who make a brave leap from saying they are happy to finish a race to saying they want to better their time or sometimes, go for the win.

It really doesn’t matter that they are striving for different things. They are all new to something.

And not only am I excited to help navigate this new territory with each athlete, I am honored to be trusted with the helm.  There’s a million different things that could fill in the blank, so I ask you.

What are you new to?