With help from my amazing business coach, Kate Link, I have refined the tagline for my business.  I spent a lot of time trying to define myself and found that it’s hard to sum up what I do.  I literally wandered around the house for a week asking myself “What do I REALLY do”?

Yes, I know I’m a coach. But what do I do? Why do people pay ME and not someone else?  I thought about a meeting with a former athlete who was coming back to coaching and we spent the meeting strategizing her year. I talked to coached athletes before the Love Run to determine what the race day strategy would be.  I thought about conversations involving positive self talk and mental strategy maps.  I thought most about the interactions I have with athletes where we both come away feeling really secure in where we are headed.

In the end, I am really pleased at where I landed.

For me, there is so much more to training and racing than meets the eye. What I love most is the strategy. And what I hope to impart on athletes besides solid training plans and workouts are skills that they can go on and use forever. I don’t expect athletes to stay with me for the rest of their lives but I do expect that what they learn from working with me stays with them for a lifetime.

Let me introduce, my new tagline.  Let me know what you think!

Marcy Gialdo
Developing strategic, successful athletes.