I had one of ‘those’ workouts today.My heart, body, mind just weren”t into it.The weather wasn”t cooperating.My hip hurt. I was tired and I was worried about the hectic day to come.I got over one hump and changed my mind set but in the end, I changed my workout and did not push to finish it as I had planned it.As an athlete, I know this is common.There are always days that feel better than others and some days that just don”t feel good at all.

As a coach, I know these days can have huge impacts on the mental state of an athlete.Overcome and push through a potentially negative workout and you can boost confidence and mental strength like my athlete training for IM Louisville did this weekend.

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Conversely, if you don”t complete your workout and succumb to the negative thoughts in your mind,you can beat yourself up for the entire day and carry around that negative image of yourself right up to race day.

So what to do?

First of all, no one workout will make or break your training.Consistency or lack of consistency with your workouts will.So if you are keeping up with your training and you have an off day, check in with yourself.Are you feeling well?Are you over trained or over tired?Are there outside stresses in your life that are contributing to a state of fatigue?Or maybe, is the workout just harder than you have to give that day?Barring any physical injury I think you give yourself permission to make the call to whether to push or not with one condition: You either

  1. change your mindset in your workout and start affirming your choice to keep going or
  2. you call it quits on your workout and move on with no self defeating talk.

The point is to keep it positive.

You want to keep going?  Become your biggest cheerleader and don’t question your decision to keep going during the rest of the workout.

You want to hang it up for the day?  Recognize that everyone has off days and leave it there.It might not be the physical workout that you wanted, but it is mental conditioning that becomes so crucial during race day that gets put to the test.

And the sooner you can take any difficult situation and  keep apositive mindset about it, the more likely you are to get yourself to the finish line with a smile on your face.