Ready for Arrivals

I had the amazing experience of following through on a long term dream of hosting a retreat.  The details were based on an amazing concept hatched during  sports massage with Brian at Phila Massages  and as a result, I created my first ever Women’s Training and Recovery Retreat.  I hosted 6 women for this inaugural retreat weekend in Long Beach Island, NJ.  The weekend included:

  • Daily runs
  • Sports massages from Brian at Phila Massages
  • Yoga and meditation with Gabbie
  • Awareness Through Movement with Brian again
  • And some of us sealed the weekend with a polar bear plunge!

Oh, and we ate – really good food.

The intention of the weekend was three fold:

  1. Get some winter training in
  2. Be exposed to sports massage and the benefits it provides
  3. Plan for the race year ahead

The unintended benefits included

  • Bonding with some amazing women
  • Being inspired by new healthy recipes
  • A renewed sense of commitment to training
  • RELAXATION!  Yes, even though there was plenty to do, there was also down time ultimately stressing the need for all kinds of self care in our busy every day lives.

I am grateful to Alison, Angie, Bode, Jeanne, Karen and Val for taking a leap of faith and joining me for this weekend.  I am so glad I saw this weekend come to life!